The Pioneer's Supper Club

The garret hosted Volume 1 of The Supper Club this January. This four part dinner series happening throughout 2020 will showcase a beautiful Calgary venue, small businesses and the best chefs in the city. Each dinner will feature the culinary delights of one local celebrity chef but the chef for each dinner will be kept a surprise until that evening.

This January, The garret hosted Chef Duncan Ly as he curated a multi-course dinner for the first instalment of The Supper Club. Aiming to attract the culinary connoisseurs of the city, The Supper Club presents high quality meals, decedent wine pairings and special surprises at each dinner. Members of The Supper Club will enjoy unparalleled guest service, entertainment, beverages and the opportunity to build community with like-minded culinary enthusiasts who covet fine dining experiences.

Upcoming Supper Clubs will be hosted on April 18, July 18 and October 17, 2020. Those interested can purchase The Supper Club tickets by emailing or visiting the Eventbrite page here.

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